The importance of meaningful work

The most meaningful part of life is death. Death gives us our deadline. Death drives us to make our life “worth” something. Most of us will live our life doing meaningless work and then die. The world will go on and our life won’t have any lasting significance. What are we doing with our life that will matter to others and advance us as humans?  If we ask ourselves this question more times than not and strive to seek the answer we will prosper as a society and achieve amazing things.

Death makes success and money attractive. It creates these list of objectives for us, in the beginning, the objective was to reproduce. Now our population is growing too fast and we are over accomplishing the objective. In turn, we created our own objectives within in reproduction.

Humans have created a medium of exchange called money. By itself, it is worth nothing, found in zero’s and ones or in designs and images on paper. Although, we have tied significant implications to this imaginary money. Money or the lack of it has crippled nearly half of the living beings on earth. Three billion people live on less than $2.50 a day. Many of us don’t have time to focus on those with nothing because we are so focused on ourselves. Although focusing on the rest of the world might help us prosper at an even faster rate.

Money has also put a fire in the belly of many greats scientists, artists, and thinkers. It has created a motivation that drives people to do tremendous things. We have advanced because of money because it created incentives and power. Money allows for one to allocate time to things other than bare survival and reproduction. It takes the focus off necessity and moves it towards wants and dreams.

Henry Ford said, “I want to travel further and faster without horses”. He created the automobile. Ford was able to do this in part because he wasn’t working on a garden or farm ensuring he had food to supply for his family. He was able to use money to pay for his needs in order to pursue his wants.

Money or some kind of medium of exchange is necessary in our world and makes many things easier. Money’s issue in our society is the greed. When money was invented I don’t believe we were ready for the concept, and we have drastically strayed from its use. Money encourages humans to act as individuals in our society. Our selfishness slows us down, hinders others, and dedicates time to things that don’t help society as a whole. People will spend their whole life with a goal of attaining money, being rich and acquiring possessions. The sole focus of capital attainment doesn’t impact our society at all.

Money has also has created arbitrary borders among our land masses. We have created countries to establish power and restraint. The borders create tension and inequality, fueling war and fighting. Much of war is simply about power and wealth. There is no genuine hate, it is manufactured by leaders who insert it into masses of people to achieve goals and spur economies.

As humans, many of us are free, meaning we have complete control of our actions. We aren’t forced to do anything but we all make excuses for our selfish acts. We go into careers and life endeavours that only affect few. We hate our jobs so we are not productive, wasting our valuable time. Many of us think we need to take care of ourselves first, get a house, a family, and give to charity at the end of our lives.

This is false, we can help others now through our work. We can do work that matters. Do work that will bring others up. Work that will matter or contribute to something one hundred years from now. If your work matters to others you will never have to worry about the selfish elements. People will want to reward you for your work.

An interesting example is an entrepreneur Jeff Bezos. Bezos is the founder and CEO of Amazon. He created a company that has changed the retail market forever. Amazon sells a range of products with a large majority of them cheaper than retail stores. The company reinvests potential profits back into the company to expand to other areas. Amazon provides a valuable service to individuals providing goods at cheaper prices. The effect of this reduces living costs while increasing the standard of living.

One can make the argument that Bezos’ main goal is to gain market share. That is completely fine because he is creating a benefit to society simultaneously.

All of this is easy to write but hard to act on. My main purpose for writing is to encourage readers to think about the long game. We all need to make a living and we all want to improve our standard of living. Putting oneself aside and focusing on the world as a whole can benefit us all.

To conclude, by putting society first we will actually benefit ourselves more than if we chose to focus solely on ourselves. As the great Zig Ziglar said you can achieve anything you want if you help more and more people. The more people we help then the better off not only society as a whole will be but also us as individuals.

If you have been doing any kind of community work or have been aiding society in anyway through your business or personal endeavors please share with us below because you should be proud of your achievements!

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