Anchoring- How To Channel Your Energy For Success

Anchoring is a powerful concept I have been using in my life lately to properly channel my energy and get the best performance out of myself. For those of you who do not know about anchoring, the concept is about anchoring a certain feeling or state to a specific event or stimulus.

Not too long ago I first read about this concept, as I began to apply it I noticed powerful changes in my performance. I want to explain an example of how I used anchoring in my life and channeled the energy from it to get my best result possible.

Anchoring is a very powerful tool when you wish to be in your most resourceful state. What do I mean by your most resourceful state? Well it really depends on what you wish to anchor for. If you play soccer and that is your main focus, perhaps your most resourceful state is that one game that you scored three goals and won the match for your team. What did you do that game that was so different from the others? Could you ever do that again? Wouldn’t you want to do that again? This is where the tool of anchoring your most resourceful state becomes very powerful!

If you want to be able to go to that state again you really need to envision that experience and relive it. What did you do before the game? What did you eat? Did you have some kind of new ritual you used? Did you talk to somebody who hyped you up or got you in the zone? Did you say something to yourself, and if you did what was it? You need to think in depth of all the factors that came into play to cause this performance. If you really want to repeat that performance you need to completely relive and experience the event for a second time.


You need to remember and reconnect with all the thoughts, sounds, smells and all of the other five senses. I know this may seem stupid at first! I thought the same thing but trust me this is awesome and it will really help you to get into your most resourceful state.

The most important thing is to reconnect with that energy and the feelings that you experienced during and after the match. Bring yourself back to that moment and experience the energy you felt as you began that scoring streak. Experience every goal, play, dribble, shot and high five. You need to reconnect with the event as much as possible to have the strongest benefit! Continue to focus on that energy and what you felt until you feel as though your state has completely changed and you are back in the moment. At this time you should feel completely energized, alert, and as if you were on the field and ready to score that goal again.


Continue to run through this routine and begin to associate your feelings and that resourceful state with something. For example, maybe you continue to get into that state as you tie your shoelaces, or as you listen to a specific song before your game, or as you run through your pregame routine. You need to keep getting yourself into this state as you do something specific until your mind begins to instantly change into this resourceful state by doing whatever the specific activity is without even having to think twice about it. Once you are at this stage, you will be much more powerful than you were previously almost on command by the act of anchoring.

World renowned free solo climber uses anchoring to visualize his climbs, allowing him to climb without ropes or any gear.

I will use an example from my life that has helped me greatly recently. I have a passion for writing and recording music in my spare time. Whenever I am in the studio, I need to be able to produce the best quality song in the shortest amount of time. This requires getting into the moment quickly and channelling my energy correctly to produce the best product.


When I first started going to the studio, I would always do at least three takes of a song, simply as a warm up. It often took many more tries than this to get a good one. This was until I had read about the concept of anchoring and began to properly apply it. Actually, the last couple times I was in the studio I was able to record great takes on the first go and chose to do extra ones just for fun and this is how I did it!

I had recently read about anchoring and wanted to apply it to my music. I knew if I wanted to be successful with it I needed to draw out “my most resourceful state” in a musical sense. For me, this involved seriously thinking about when I felt I had the most energy, drive, and desire to do music and bring out the best in myself since I had begun this journey.

This was simple for me. It was after I had done my first ever performance. I remember feeling as though I was so amped up with energy I wasn’t even in my own body anymore. I felt so excited and energetic it was definitely some type of high. The kind of adrenaline you would feel after doing some crazy activity like skydiving or some other thrill seeking experience. I felt on top of the world and so awake and full of life, it was the kind of feeling that no amount of caffeine or workout could ever have given me.

I knew this was the energy that I needed to channel and access if I wanted to be successful. I began to put myself back into this moment I had felt when I first finished my performance. In my head, I would run through that scene after coming off the stage over and over again. I knew it was really key to gather as much information from it as I possibly could to have the best effect. This meant I tried to remember everything, the people I remember seeing, the music that was playing, the surrounding environment, the energy, realistically anything I could remember to better put me back in that moment.

I really focused on my personal energy, remembering how every part of my body and mind had felt when I came off the stage. I followed this same process over and over again, beginning to associate it with the studio where I record and specifically the recording room. Every time I would relive that moment of the performance, I would feel that energy and associate it with the studio. I did this repeatedly until it felt normal. I did this repeatedly until the association was automatic.

I was ready to go back to the studio. This is when things really changed for me! Upon entering the recording room I was able to channel the energy that I needed to be successful almost immediately. I was so used to slowly easing into it that the fact that I was able to have this energy level so quickly felt almost unbelievable. I focused back in on that performance and channelled all those feelings and energy into my current performance.

Once again, I didn’t feel like myself again. I felt supercharged and was able to bring out the best in me once again! I have used this technique more than once and it definitely works. Although you may not score three goals every single game you play, this will help to greatly enhance your performance on a regular basis!


If you wish to start using this I have a couple tips:

1) Apply this concept to something that you are truly passionate and care about or it won’t work like you wish it will

2) When you anchor the event, make sure the experience you use as a reference is very powerful and you are able to remember it vividly and draw all of your emotions and feelings out of it. The more you remember the better the result.

3) This technique takes work to master. You need to continually visualise and anchor the experience if you want it to work properly.


Anchoring is a powerful concept that can be applied to any area of your life. Whether it be increasing school or test performance, sports, music or anything else you can really think of. Your mind is very powerful and by properly using it and channeling your energy, you will be able to bring out your best performance a lot more often.

If the readers have any similar experiences they want to share or times they felt they’re most resourceful, feel free to share below and we would love to talk!




    1. Yes of course! It is a concept many people use without realizing. But the thought of the anchor can help to really clarify the image and make the technique more powerful. Best of luck and thank you for reading!

    1. Thank you! Stay tuned we post great new content every week and if we can give you one piece of information to help you in your life we know we are doing something right!

  1. Interesting concept. Will have to experiment with it ASAP.
    You might be interested in the work of C Wilson Meloncelli. He teaches people about “The Flow State.”

  2. I came to think of this post again. Every morning I enter the ocean and swim too, when it’s void of jelly fish. After that, I work on my site at the library, while listening to ocean sounds on YouTube. It clears the mind. You are definitely on to something here.
    If anyone has a nice place of nature nearby, that you visit regularly, try listening to similar nature sounds on headphones, when you’re back in society and need to focus.

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