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This article will teach you how to increase your energy levels to levels that you have never experienced. You will feel more energized, younger, and healthier. Learn about how to greatly increase your energy and health through six easy and effective principles. These involve improving your breathing, increasing the amount of water-rich foods you eat and how you eat them, limiting portion sizes and combining foods properly, and learning more about protein intake and the protein myth. Read on and get ready to greatly increase your health, energy levels and get you on the path to success in your life quicker!


Having energy and proper health is, in my opinion, the biggest key to success. If you are not disciplined in taking care of your body and your health how do you expect to excel in any other area of your life? You need energy for those late nights and early mornings, you need the energy to plug away at projects endlessly and not burn out. Energy is the key to success! This article will focus on how to properly take care of your body and get the most energy possible! No matter how much you learn if your biochemistry is off you will have the lack of energy and discipline to accomplish your goals. The higher your energy levels the more efficient your body will be! This articles will go over six important principles that will greatly improve your overall health and energy levels, making you vibrant and ready to handle anything that life throws at you.

The principles in this book relate to a field of science in health called natural hygiene. Even if you choose not to apply all the principles, I highly recommend you implement at least a few and I feel as though the change you begin to see in your life will make you want to implement all of these principles very quickly!

Principle #1: The power of breath

A healthy bloodstream is the foundation of health. It transports all the oxygen and nutrients to all the cells of your body. The key to keeping this system functioning at the highest level is breathing. This is how you fully oxygenate all of your cells and keep them functioning at the highest level.

Breathing controls the flow of lymph fluid, which contains the white blood cells that protect your body. Many people think of this system as the sewage system of the body because it helps to rid the body of all the toxins and waste it accumulates. Lymph surrounds every cell in your body and you have four times as much lymph as blood in your body. Oxygen and nutrients in the blood get carried and then diffused into this lymph surrounding cells. The cells then understand what they need and take the oxygen and nutrients they need and then excrete the rest as toxins. Some of this goes back into your capillaries but dead cells, blood proteins, and other toxic material must be removed by the lymph system. The only way this system is activated is by deep breathing! The cells of the body rely on the lymph system to drain out a large amount of toxic materials and excess fluid and waste that is trapped inside the body. This waste also restricts the amount of oxygen getting into your cells so it has to be removed. If this system shut down for a day you would be dead so you know how important it must be!

Deep breathing has been found to be the most effective way to clean the lymph system. This is because it acts almost like a vacuum that sucks lymph through the bloodstream and multiplies the rate by which the body eliminates toxins.

If you get nothing out of this article except this, realize you could greatly enhance the health of your body through deep breathing. It works magic in cleansing your system.

This is the most effective way to breathe in order to cleanse your system. Breathe in this ratio: inhale one count, hold four counts, and exhale two counts. For example, if you inhale for 3 seconds, you would hold for 12 seconds, and exhale for 6 seconds! You exhale for twice as long as you inhale because that is when you eliminate toxins from your lymphatic system. You hold your breath four times as long as you inhale because that is when you fully oxygenate the blood and activate your lymph system. Tony Robbins recommends taking ten deep breaths in this ratio at least three times a day. This will greatly improve your health and get the nutrients you need to your cells which will also help with issues such as hunger because your body is getting the nutrients that it needs.

Let’s be real, I know many of you are probably thinking, breathing really? That sounds stupid and I probably won’t do that. I understand, trust me I was the same way! But if you try this out for yourself you will soon realize that it is nowhere near as dumb as it sounds!

Principle #2: Eating water-rich foods

The reason for this is pretty obvious when you examine the fact that 80% of your body is made up of water! 70% of your diet should be made up of foods that are rich in water. When I say foods that are rich in water, I mean fruits and vegetables and also freshly squeezed juices. Most people recommend drinking around eight to twelve glasses of water a day to “flush the system”. The problem is that much of the water that we drink isn’t the best quality and contains things such as chlorine, fluoride, and other toxic substances. Your body needs proper nutrients, not to be drowned by drinking too much water. The best kind of water to drink is alkaline water but I will save this for a different post.

Instead of flushing the system with too much water, the best option is to eat foods that are naturally rich in water. This will help to hydrate the body and also to satisfy cravings. These water-rich foods are fruits, vegetables, and also sprouts. The more you eat of these the better your body will function. If you don’t have water-rich foods in your diet you will be doomed to fail. This is because, without proper fluid, the body gets full of toxins because there isn’t enough fluid to remove the body of the waste that cells create.

The buildup of toxins helps to promote disease instead of helping to cleanse the body and be healthy. The body needs a lot of proper fluid and to also limit the ingestion of unhealthy foods that clog the system. The reason that problems such as heart disease are so prominent is because people spend their lives filling their bodies with foods that clog the system instead of cleansing it. You can eliminate this problem through proper nutrition and discipline! Most people do not even come close to this 70% number and if they continue to live this way they can expect to have serious health problems down the road.

How do you change your diet? Research some of your favorite fruits and vegetables. See what percentage water they contain and make a conscious effort to eat more of them. Begin to have a salad with each meal and you can still enjoy other foods at the same time. Have fruit or nuts as a snack instead of candy bars that are full of sugar. You will feel much more vibrant and full of energy if you choose to follow these steps.

Principle #3: Effective food combinations

As much as many people do not want to admit it some foods should not be combined with others. Different types of food require different types of digestive juices and not all of these juices are compatible with one another.

For example, some combinations such as meat and potatoes and fish and rice are not meant to be consumed together as horrible as this may seem. These combinations are actually destructive to your system and take all the energy out of you because of all the energy the body requires to break down these combinations.

Different foods are digested differently. For example, starchy food such as rice or potatoes requires an alkaline digestive medium which is supplied by the enzyme ptyalin. Protein foods such as meat and dairy require an acid medium for digestion which is made up of hydrochloric acid and pepsin. Chemistry states that two different mediums cannot function at the same time. They neutralize each other. This means if you pair a protein with a starch your digestive system will be impaired greatly or stopped completely.

These combinations rob you of energy by creating excess acid, which causes the blood to thicken and move more slowly through the system. This robs the body of oxygen and impairs the system we talking about in the first principle. The number one selling prescription drug in the US is Tagamet, a drug for stomach disorders. There is a better way to eat and this is what food combining is all about. When foods can’t be digested together they become soil for bacteria and give rise to digestive disorders and gas.

The recommendation is to only eat one condensed food per meal. A condensed food is something not rich in water. So for example, instead of having meat and potatoes for dinner only have meat or only have potatoes. If you can’t live without them both have them at separate meals! I know this may be hard for many people so if you can’t completely eliminate these combinations at least try to reduce the number of times you do this and lower your portion sizes.

If you ever wake up tired after a good night’s sleep your digestion and food combinations may be to blame for this. For many people, digestion takes more energy than anything else. When foods are improperly combined, the time to digest these foods can be well beyond eight hours. When you properly combine foods, digestion takes only three or four hours and takes much less energy. Ever wondered why you pass out after Thanksgiving dinner? This article could really help to explain why this happens.

Principle #4: The law of controlled consumption

Science has proven the best way to increase life span is to cut down the amount of food consumed during a meal. During a famous study at Cornell university, rats had their food portions cut down by half and they ended up living for twice as long. It was concluded that undernutrition is the only way to consistently slow the aging process and extend maximum lifespan. Deterioration of the immune system and body is greatly slowed by food restriction.

Basically, the message is to eat less and live longer. If you want to eat large quantities of food do it with water-rich foods, we discussed before like salads and not with meat and potatoes and you will be much more vibrant and healthy.

Principle #5: Effective fruit consumption

Fruit takes the least amount of energy to digest. It also gives your body the most energy in return. The only food that your brain can work on is glucose. Fruit is primarily made up of fructose which easily gets converted into glucose to fuel the brain. It is also usually around 90% water which makes it very cleansing and nurturing.

The only problem is that most people don’t consume fruit the right way. Fruit needs to be digested on an empty stomach to work effectively. Why is this? It is because fruit isn’t digested in the stomach, it is digested in the intestine. It is meant to pass straight through the stomach in a matter of minutes and into the intestines, where it releases sugars. The problem is, if there are foods like meat or potatoes in the stomach, the fruit gets trapped and begins to ferment. This means you won’t get the desired nutrients out of the food!

The best way to start the day is fresh fruit or juices. This is because it is easy to digest, full of fructose and helps to cleanse the body. The longer you can go throughout a day by only consuming fruit the better you will feel and the better off your body will be! Most people use things like coffee to try to provide themselves with energy. If you follow this method of fruit consumption you will feel more energized than ever before without the need for things like coffee! Try it for at least a week and begin to feel the difference.

Principle #6: The protein myth

Yes, you heard that right. I called it a myth. The biggest lie that everybody believes is that you need a high amount of protein in your diet to maintain the best health.

Most people consume large amounts protein to increase energy, endurance or strong bones. But it often works in the opposite effect. The International union of Nutritionals Sciences found that each country had a different daily protein requirement for an adult male that ranged from 39 to 110 grams a day. There is no real science behind how much protein the body actually needs and frankly nobody really seems to know or have the correct answer to this question.

You only lose a small amount of protein each day through respiration and excretion so there is no need to be replacing it in large quantities. Excess protein actually overworks the urinary tract and causes fatigue. The National Academy of Sciences arrived at the figure of 56 grams for Americans. They said they used to recommend 80 grams a day but were met by public outcry when they chose to lower that number by people who have a vested interest in earning their livelihood through protein products. Their literature actually only recommends 30 grams a day so you can clearly see the facts and numbers are completely jumbled.

The body uses glucose from water-rich foods for energy, then starch and after that fat. Protein is the last thing used for energy so clearly this is a myth. Protein also does not help with endurance. It creates excess nitrogen which causes fatigue. Too much protein has also been linked to osteoporosis which is the softening and weakening of bones. The people with the strongest bones on the planets are vegetarians.

One thing that really disgusted me is that meat contains high levels of uric acid. This is one of the waste products of the body that is produced by living cells. The kidneys usually extract this from the bloodstream and pass it out through the bladder as urine. And guess what? The taste of meat you love comes from uric acid. So that taste you love is the acid normally eliminated through urine. Putrefactive bacteria also tenderize the meat which is actually colon germs which are also very unhealthy.

If you want to eat meat you should get it from a good source that ensures it is not full of hormones and was pasture grazed and also cut your intake of meat.

There are similar issues with drinking milk. People often drink it to have high levels of calcium but the people who drink the most of it tend to have the lowest blood calcium levels. You can get calcium from many other sources such as vegetables and nuts that your body can process much easier than the casein in cow’s milk. The main effect of milk is that it becomes a clogging, mucus-forming mass that hardens and sticks to everything inside the small intestines. This makes the body’s job much more difficult and requires a lot of energy to get the milk out of your system. I will further delve into the topic of milk in a later article.


So there are your six principles. I encourage the readers to commence a discussion and also reflect on their own lives. Which of these principles do you already follow? Which of these do you need to implement or improve? Nobody is perfect and it is all about taking things one at a time. For example, I personally have greatly improved my breathing, fruit consumption, and food combinations. I am currently working on improving my portion sizes and protein intake. I am getting better every day and I am feeling the difference! Let us know below about your diet and health tendencies and what you do right and what you need to improve!

If anybody is interested in learning more about any of these principles, comment below and I would be happy to write a more in-depth article on the subject! Also, the principles come from the book Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins. I highly recommend reading this book and learning about this topic and more!


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