Sales Lessons For A Successful Life

I have always heard many of the most successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople speak about how sales are the most important skill you can develop if you want to be successful. In my brief stint in a sales position, I have already learned  many valuable sales lessons that carry over to other areas of life.

Many people have negative stereotypical images of greasy car salesman or other negative connotations with the position . Many people try to avoid this role at all costs instead of embracing it for what it really is.

No matter what you do in life selling will always be key. You will always be involved in some sort of situations that involve persuasion, negotiation, convincing others and ultimately selling. Whether it is convincing co-workers of an idea, getting a promotion, convincing someone to go on a date with you. No matter the situation these skills are involved and carry over into all aspects of your life!

These are some valuable things I have learned in sales so far that have greatly helped in my personal development and have helped to groom me for future entrepreneurial ventures. I want to share these with you so you can see how these valuable lessons carry over to other areas of life

Failure/Rejection and the fear of these things

If you are scared to fail, you will miss out on many great opportunities to prospect new clients, build rapport and eventually close deals. If you are too scared to approach people in the first place, you never know what kind of things you could potentially be missing out on. For example, there was an account I wanted to follow up on that my associate had previously worked on.


He said that the decision maker liked the service but he had trouble closing the deal. I didn’t want to ruin my chance of potentially closing this account so I avoided it for awhile. After studying and preparing myself for awhile I eventually showed up and after first being rejected, I ended up making the sale. I could have avoided that all summer and never have made that transaction

How it applies everywhere

If you are scared to take the plunge and break outside of your comfort zone or fully commit to something, you will never be great at anything. I know that sounds harsh but the people who create the greatest success never achieve that by playing it safe. They take calculated risks and they trust their gut instincts and believe in themselves. If you want to achieve something, you need to approach the situations thinking of a successful end result. If you only think about the failure then failure is what you are bound to achieve.

If you don’t fear the failure, you will live a much more fulfilling life. Creating many more great memories, experiences, friendships and enhance all areas of your life in general. If you believe in yourself from the beginning, you will eventually achieve your goals. If you fear failure from the start, you will never get off the ground.

A very powerful question to ask yourself is “what would I be doing with my life if I knew I couldn’t fail?” This is probably a good start and passion is key. Don’t fear failure or rejection and always be ready to jump on opportunities.

Being completely sold on your product

To be successful in sales, you need to be completely sold on your product. You need to believe it is the greatest thing out there and the competition doesn’t exist. Their products can’t be compared to yours because you simply dominate the market. You need to be so sure of it that other people may find you unreasonable. This was something stated by Grant Cardone, one of the most successful salespeople of all time. And the statement is very true.

Grant cardone


My first couple weeks in sales I was having lots of trouble selling my product and making customers understand the value. Upon reflecting, I realized I wasn’t as confident in myself or the service as I should be. I wasn’t seeing the type of value in it that I needed to if I wanted to be successful. I was making excuses such as the high price and other things involved with the service. Realistically, the price or prospect are never the issue it is always the salesperson.

As I began to sell a couple more accounts, I saw the amazing difference the service had created for some clients and how it would benefit their business. I heard people say things like “Wow, this is fantastic, this is amazing”.

As I began to see the difference this service could make and the value it could provide my attitude began to completely change. I was so much more sold on the service and it was completely evident throughout my presentations and follow-up process. My confidence began to soar and I felt like everybody NEEDED to have this service. Because of this, I have been closing four times as many sales.

The purpose of this was not to brag. I am still nowhere near the level I want to or should be at, the point is when you are completely convinced and sold on something, it shines through and completely changes your attitude, decisions and results. This is so powerful for any aspect of your life.

I’ll give an example. Let us take a dream that most people would consider unrealistic. For example, say you want to grow up and be an actor/actress in Hollywood. Is this something that you live and die for? Or is it something that you casually dream about going on with your everyday life? If you are not completely sold on your dream and your product (your acting) you will never be successful. If you believe, the sky’s the limit.

If you were completely sold on yourself, your conviction and belief would be so noticeable.  Other people would feel it is just a matter of time before you reach your dream just from talking to you. When you went to auditions and castings, you would be bursting with confidence. Agents would immediately be more drawn to you and more likely to give you parts. When you wouldn’t get them, you would be so confident in yourself you would keep pushing through while others quit until you did get that big break.

How you can apply it

Your demeanor and attitude would cause you to be a success. Seeing the vision and the end from the start is  very powerful. People are naturally uncertain about their decisions and don’t want to make the wrong ones. If you are completely sold on whatever it may be, you are more likely to make other people feel that energy and be certain as well.

This applies to anything in life. This blog for example. If I am completely sold on the fact that it is the best blog on the internet it will show in my writing. I will commit endless hours to it and tell everybody how amazing it is until eventually, through all the time committed and people I convinced, it will be. I could go into other examples but the list would be endless

Stay tuned as I will be posting a second part to this! Please comment below about anything related you want to share. Or any experience that you’ve had that may relate to this post.

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  1. Great post. Reading this made me consider your advise for selling is akin to prepping for an important athletic endeavor. A commendable work ethic & attitude is going to serve you well.

  2. Yes it is so true! Because no matter what path you follow or gravitate to in life you will always be much more successful and happy if you believe in yourself. Thank you very much friend and yes definitely stay tuned for more!

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