The Concept Of Modeling People And Behaviours

Modeling is one of the biggest keys to success. It has been written about by many people that I would consider “mentors” Most of the successful people that you look up to modeled people in their field in the past before getting to where they are today.

Many people will tell you that the key to life is reading.This is because most things that you have ever gone through or will go through in life, somebody has already gone through it and written about the experience and what they learned. This concept relates as well to modeling and is the reason for why you see so many books on the most successful people in the world in all walks of life and different types of careers.

This is because people are inspired and interested in these people. They look up to the Steve Jobs’ and Michael Jordan’s of the world and want to know exactly what they did in their personal lives and careers to reach the levels of success that they achieved. They want as much information as they can so they can incorporate similar routines, habits, activities, diets and all other types of things to help them reach similar levels of success. This is modeling at its finest.

The definition of modeling here could be either using a system or procedure to follow or imitate or as well as taking someone respected or admired to copy. These both convey the ideas of what I want to represent and what we are looking to achieve.

I remember hearing something that profoundly affected me in an audiobook I was listening to by Grant Cardone. He talked about how the majority of people spend their whole lives basically going blind into situations. Learning from them after the fact and the proper ways to deal with them in the future. They continue to fail along over and over again and “learn” as they go through life.

By the time they have reached an old age they have gathered all this wisdom that they will now probably never use. What if we could severely cut the time it takes to master something and use it to our benefit much earlier in life? This is where modeling comes into play!

The thing that makes so much more sense is to properly prepare for and learn about every situation and experience as much as possible before entering it. So you can fail earlier and less often and get to your goals sooner. Modeling can be a huge benefit in this regard.

The key is to find somebody who you truly look up to and who truly inspires you and to find out as much as you can about them. Find out about their behaviors, mindset, what they do in their spare time, what they eat, literally as much information as you can. The more you can learn the better equipped you will be to achieve what you want and achieve it sooner.

Thanks to the internet, you can now find information on most people through web searching, documentaries, stories, books or whatever other kinds of information. If the person is someone you can reach out to and speak with even better! Gather as much information on this person as possible and their strategy. Now for the important part, USE IT!

To illustrate my example. I have taken examples of very successful people in our world today who come from many different professions.

Warren Buffett > Benjamin Graham


When Warren Buffett first picked up Benjamin Graham’s famous book “The Intelligent Investor” he was completely hooked. He began to see Benjamin Graham as a god and the principles he laid out on value investing paved the way for Buffett’s future methodology and investing patterns. The tools that Graham laid a foundation helped Warren Buffett to learn from and improve his strategy to build one of the greatest fortunes of all time.

Warren Buffett enrolled at Columbia and took classes under Graham to be able to learn and absorb as much from his as possible. He took every chance he could to learn from the man and get closer to him. He says he is the second most influential man in his life ever after his own father.

Kobe Bryant > Michael Jordan


I have always been a huge Kobe Bryant fan. It is crazy watching tapes of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. You will see that Kobe modeled so many of Jordan’s different signature moves and strategies that helped him make so many amazing plays. Score so many great baskets and lead his team to victory after victory and also numerous championships.

Kobe analyzed and worked on Jordan’s moves relentlessly to master them. Kobe always looked up to Jordan but Jordan never made it easy for Kobe to establish himself as the next great in the league. Jordan made Kobe prove himself and Kobe never backed away from the challenge. In every game, he worked his ass off especially against Michael to prove himself. He practiced longer and worked harder than anybody else in the league or on the court. Much like Michael had done before him.

Tony Robbins > Jim Rohn


If you have ever read up on Tony Robbins he is huge on the concept and idea of modeling. Reading one of his books is actually where I first heard about it. He often refers to Jim Rohn as being the biggest influence on him and the reason that he did so many of the things that he did which created massive success for himself. To become great, one must have an idea of what great is and also understand the habits and methods required to achieve that level of greatness.

Tony Robbins embodied and practiced all the habits and rituals that Jim Rohn taught and really took them to heart. The more you study, analyze and actually put into action whatever your successful model did. The closer you will be to reaching the same kinds of success that they achieved.

Tony Robbins is now world famous and really blazed the path and followed in Jim Rohn’s footsteps and continues to push the boundaries even further in his field.

Arnold Schwarzenegger > Reg Park


“The Education Of A Bodybuilder” is an amazing book and one of my favorite reads. Arnold’s relentless work ethic and drive are astounding. He knew who he wanted to be and where he wanted to be from the start. He also completely committed to his goal and never gave himself any other option from the start. However, from the very beginning of his training and as soon as he realized his ambition to be a bodybuilder he always looked up to and modeled one person especially, Reg Park.

Arnold would talk about how he had pictures of Reg Park all over his room. He would look at them every single day and compare himself to the pictures. The pictures and his training habits would push Arnold every day to work towards having the same body as Reg Park. He would envision himself being in that body and living the same life and work even harder every single day to get to that point.

He would speak about even bringing pictures of Reg Park to the gym to fuel his desire and push him to take his workouts to the next level. The constant reminder of Reg Park’s success and results pushed Arnold to work harder than anybody in the industry and become a legend. If you read his book and see him later going on to working and training with Reg Park, his idol, it is quite the amazing story and feat.

Logic > Frank Sinatra


Although completely different genres, Frank Sinatra always had an influence on who Logic was as a person and also as an artist.  Logic saw how influential Frank Sinatra was not only through his music but as a person and he wanted to embody that same energy and personality and bring it into the world of hip hop. He is now quickly becoming known as one of the today’s greatest artists.

He is also  known for who he is off the stage just as much as he is known for being the person on stage. Logic is known for being extremely humble, approachable, the kind of person that everybody wants to meet and be around. He clearly has the best vibe and personality in the room wherever he goes. These are all traits that he worked on and modeled from one of his idols, Frank Sinatra.

Although these examples were brief they worked well to illustrate my point. Here is an exercise for you readers. Find two or three different models you look up to in life. Figure out what you look up to them for. For example, say you look up to Arnold for his work ethic. Study everything you can about him to learn about his work ethic and how he became so driven and dedicated. Work to add these same principles and habits in your life. You can do this with anything! Please feel free to share some of your role models or mentors below!


  1. Well, my all times role model and mentor is Jesus. But I also have so many other mentors and role models simply because it depends on which life area I want to learn from them and applying into my life. Very well written by the way.

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