The Importance of Accountability Partners

I am sure that you have noticed by now that this blog is operated by two people. We have an accountability system ingrained in our blog where we are both expected to write a certain amount of posts at certain times and dates. It has gotten to the point where we don’t even think about it anymore or even question each other because we both know that things will get done.
Why do I mention this? Because being accountable to somebody is a very powerful thing to get you motivated, stay motivated, and get you into action. I know there have been sometimes where personally I felt lazy, demotivated and didn’t feel like writing. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love blogging and writing but I am sure everybody can relate to feeling like this once in awhile.
In a normal situation, I would probably make up a horrible bullshit excuse and delay writing for a day (don’t do this). But because of my accountability partner, I work differently. See because of Dax, I know I am expected to pull my weight and achieve deadlines. If anything, I worry about how horrible it would be to be the cause of our blog falling off and not staying on track towards our goals. If you have a partner, you don’t want to be the one slipping in the partnership. This is why an accountability partner is so huge in any area of life. You never wish to be the weak partner and you always want to show up and push yourself to the fullest. You want your training partner to be able to have confidence in you.
I know I mentioned Arnold Schwarzenegger and Reg Park in an earlier post I did on modelling. Arnold always had a training partner who at one point was even his idol, Reg Park. So many bodybuilders have training/accountability partners because they help keep each other excited, motivated, and most important they help push each other to their limits. Because Arnold would have a partner with him, he could push himself a little bit extra for a few more reps. This is because he knew there was somebody there to watch his back and help him out if he couldn’t push through.
Metaphorically, this same kind of idea ties into accountability and training partners in all areas and walks of life. They help push us through the hard times and make it through those last couple steps on the days that we seem to struggle the most.

ORG XMIT: USPW-GRP-56 Aug 2, 2012; London, United Kingdom; Michael Phelps (USA), right, and Ryan Lochte (USA) pose with their gold and silver medals after the men's 200m individual medley final during the London 2012 Olympic Games at Aquatics Centre. Mandatory Credit: Andrew P. Scott-USA TODAY Sports ORIG FILE ID: 20120802_jel_usa_209.jpg

Have you been following the Olympics? Have you noticed how many of the top performers in many countries train together on a daily basis and are training/accountability partners? Everybody knows who Michael Phelps is, and you probably know who Ryan Lochte is as well as he is the second most decorated swimming athlete in the US. Would you be surprised to hear that they train together? They both will admit that they push each other to the next level not only in training but also in competition.
The best stay inspired by the best and this is why you will hear time and time again how the new champion idolized and trained just like the old one. Being accountable to that person whether they know it or even if they don’t and  you just imagine this in your head can be a very powerful motivational factor to achieve your goals.
Elaine Thompson also just won her first gold medal in the women’s 100m final event in Rio. She took the title from two-time reigning champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce who finished with a bronze. Guess what these two have in common? They are training partners and actually train in the same facility together. Are you starting to see what I am talking about? Working and training with the best will push you even further and take you to another level you could never achieve on your own. By being accountable to somebody who is at the highest level of your field you will be forced to level up yourself. Why do you think there is no I in team?
There are examples from other areas as well. Take Ashton Eaton and his wife Brianne Theissen-Eaton. Eaton is an Olympic champion and world record holder in the decathlon and his wife Brianne competes in the heptathlon and actually just earned a bronze medal for Canada. They train together, push each other, motivate each other and stay accountable to each other in diet, training and discipline at all times. Do you think you would want to let your champion husband or world-class athlete wife down? Would you want to be caught sleeping in, missing training sessions and having a bit too much cheese and wine? I think not and this is why you NEED an accountability partner because they will keep you disciplined and focused!
Mo Farah won the gold in the men’s 10000m in the Olympics this year. Galen Rupp finished fifth but actually won the silver in the previous Olympics. Would you be surprised if I said they were training partners? By this point, probably not because greatness breeds greatness people! My examples could go on forever but I will leave it at this.
Whatever your craft or passion. You can always benefit from the help of an accountability partner. They will help you stay focused and discipline. Find somebody you wouldn’t want to disappoint and tell them about your goals and mission.


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